Freedom Work Opportunities, Inc. (FWO) a  Non-Profit 501(c) 3 corporation, family run and founded in 1983.



In 1983 Harry and Beverly Weeks experienced, first hand, the difficulties, and hardships of transitioning a challenged child from school to work. They took the initiative to reach out to those in need and founded FWO to assist with vocational training, assessments, supportive employment, and job placements. The organization originally started with a crew of 6 consumers providing lawn maintenance to area group homes. With a focus on quality, our lawns were quickly recognized as the best-maintained lawns in the neighborhood and our services highly sought after. Our program then expanded into creating quality wood furniture at our woodshop location.


We have now expanded to 175+ consumers, 70+ staff, 27 vehicles, and 5 locations. Our goal is to allow each of our differently-abled consumers the opportunity to increase his or her vocational and social skills while working and earning wages in a work setting. By allowing individuals to participate in a variety of programs and be contributing members of society they have the opportunity to enhance their skills and gain personal satisfaction. We are extremely proud of each accomplishment achieved and we commend our staff and the employers who have had the rewarding job of making dreams come true. Freedom Work Opportunities, Inc. continues to excel in all areas of our service delivery to our consumers, customers, and stakeholders.  We have been able to make continual improvements in our facilities, our stores and throughout the organization. Our focus is on quality in all aspects and we constantly measure our success by seeking input from stakeholders and reviewing our progress and success. 

Our main goal is to focus on securing or developing additional paying jobs for our consumers to provide them with continual and steady wage earning opportunities.  In addition to maintaining the present jobs that we have through quality control and customer satisfaction, we are confident of our continued success.   Our three Resale Stores are proving to be very successful and well accepted by the communities where we are located. The goods sold in our stores come solely from the donations that are received from our loyal supporters.  Our consumers are making monumental strides and take great pride in running the stores.  They are getting a great deal of community interaction with our customers and donors and are learning a variety of new job skills. Our challenge continues to be finding storage space for the many donations that we receive that are in excess of what can be displayed in the stores.  Even this past year with the addition of our 15,000 sq ft building in Waterford our donations exceed our available space.  A good problem for sure.  Using the resources from our stores we will be offering additional paid jobs to our consumers in our facilities by using donated T-shirts and cutting them into rags which will then be sold to the community.

Moving Forward

We will continue to explore opportunities to expand our services and contract with additional agencies and new customers in addition to reaching out to new avenues to solicit new enrollment of individuals transitioning from school to work. 

We continue to address issues of concern in our performance measurement plan, Accessibility Plan, Risk management plan, technology plan.  These issues are ever changing and are an ongoing work in progress.  We take pride in our ability to use these plans in all aspects of improving our entire organization and services.   

Our a great team of Direct Support Professionals, Managers, and Directors work diligently to carry out our mission and take great pride in the quality of services that we provide. We will continue to monitor and implement required changes in accordance with ever-changing rulings being passed on from our agencies, Medicaid and local, state and federal governmental departments. We take great pride in our ability to carry on the mission and purpose of Freedom Work Opportunities as established by our founders, Harry and Bev Weeks. 

The mission, values, and vision of Freedom Work Opportunities, Inc. are the core of our identity.  Together they serve as the key elements that will guide us in providing compassionate, creative, innovative, quality services in all aspects of our programs.  


Ethical conduct is vital to our core values, mission, and vision. Defining ethical conduct to be “a set of standards that govern what one ought to do when the well-being, rights and duties to self, others, or institutions are at stake”.  By adhering to and following these standards and displaying dignity, honesty, fairness, and adherence to the law, Freedom Work Opportunities, Inc. will strive for excellence in those we serve. 


Mission:  “Empowering those we serve with FREEDOM to obtain supportive, integrated WORK skills and OPPORTUNITIES to excel." 

Simply put, our mission is our reason for being.  It is meant to articulate the significant challenge and opportunities that we have both as an organization and as individuals with a proud focus on “Gentle Teaching”. 


Our values are key to who we are as individuals as well as to the organization as a whole. Otherwise defined as our Codes of Ethics, these values guide the actions of our staff, board members, treatment of persons receiving services, business/financial practices, and marketing.  Any staff member who violates one of the agency’s Code of Ethics may face corrective action. Board action may be taken with any board member who violates the Code of Ethics.  

•Compassion: Providing empathy and care with a desire to uphold a person’s dignity and respect.

•Respect:  Appreciating diverse values, free of judgment, while providing services that are dignified, professional, enhancing and performance driven.

•Optimism:  A bright, hopeful view and expectation of the best possible outcome.

•Performance-driven: Providing the highest quality of service through reliability, integrity, and quality for our stakeholders. 

•Service Oriented: Through ongoing feedback, we continually evaluate the services we offer by focusing on the needs of our current and future stakeholders, which drives our mission to promote supports that are quality driven.